Monday 15 June 2009

Mustapha Ali: Pemimpin Pembohong

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Apabila Pembohong Menjadi Setia Usaha Agung PAS


Perlantikan Mustafa Ali sebagai SU Agung amat-amat menyedihkan.


Kerana dimanakah maruah Parti Islam seperti PAS meletakkan orang yang pernah berbohong kepada AJK PAS Pusat berkenaan berjumpa dengan UMNO dalam gelap.

Dengan kata lain, perjumpaan dalam gelap tersebut adalah perjumpaan yang berniat jahat dan bertujuan jahat. Itulah sebabnya sehingga hari ini Mursyidul Am menentang segala usaha yang dilakukan untuk merapatkan PAS dengan UMNO i.e. cadangan Kerajaan Perpaduan.

  1. Bila dilihat kembali tahun lepas sewaktu khabar-khabar angin bertiup berkenaan berlakunya perjumpaan dalam gelap, Mustafa Ali menafikan keterlibatan beliau. Malahan, Ustaz Nasa juga menafikan. (seperti yang dilaporkan oleh Malaysiakini di

  2. Ini telah memaksa Mahfudz Omar menarik balik kenyataan beliau yang pada mulanya menafikan berlakunya perjumpaan antara UMNO dan PAS.(
Ini bererti berlaku pembohongan yang jelas oleh mereka yang terlibat dalam perjumpaan dalam gelap bersama UMNO dan PAS.

Ini juga bererti perjumpaan itu adalah “salah” dari sudut prosedur dan peraturan PAS serta niat perjumpaan juga adalah salah.

Kalau tidak mengapa perlu berbohong?

Dengan kata lain, perjumpaan dalam gelap tersebut adalah perjumpaan yang berniat jahat dan bertujuan jahat.

Itulah sebabnya sehingga hari ini Mursyidul Am menentang segala usaha yang dilakukan untuk merapatkan PAS dengan UMNO i.e. cadangan Kerajaan Perpaduan.
Rakyat Amerika yang KAFIR Menolak Pimpinan Mereka yang Berbohong

Richard Nixon terpaksa meletak jawatan sebagai Presiden Amerika kerana terlibat skandal Watergate.

Hakikatnya, beliau dipersalahkan bukan kerana terlibat dalam skandal tersebut, tetapi kerana telah berbohong kepada rakyat Amerika tentang keterlibatan beliau dalam isu tersebut
Gary Hart terpaksa menarik diri dari menjadi calon Demokrat menentang G. Bush Senior kerana beliau telah berbohong berkaitan skandal seks beliau.

Namun, Bill Clinton tidak perlu pula meletak jawatan sebagai Presiden Amerika kerana beliau telah mengaku dengan jelas akan keterlibatan beliau dalam skandal Monica Lewinsky.

Ini bererti, rakyat Amerika yang BUKAN slam itu menunjukkan akhlak Islam yang LEBIH TINGGI kerana menolak pimpinan2 mereka yang telah berbohong.
Perwakilan2 PAS pula telah menaikkan pimpinan2 mereka WALAUPUN pimpinan itu terbukti berbohong.

Inikah dia akhlak Islami yang cuba ditunjukkan oleh PAS dan perwakilan-perwakilan PAS di seluruh Malaysia?

Bolehkah ahli-ahli PAS selepas ini mengatakan bahawa mereka membawa panji Islam apabila mereka terbukti mempunyai akhlak yang lebih rendah berbanding rakyat Amerika yang 90% bukan Islam?

Perlantikan Nasa dan Cikgu Pa membuktikan bahawa perwakilan2 PAS menerima amalan berbohong.

Itulah masej yang telah dihantar kepada keseluruhan rakyat Malaysia dan rakyat dunia.
  • Bagaimanakah PAS hendak dipercayai lagi selepas ini?

  • Bagaimanakah PAS hendak menyampaikan dakwah Islamiyyah mereka selepas ini?
-Tulang Besi

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Is it time to deliver a reality check to PAS in Manek Urai?

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There still exists within PAS and, possibly in divisions led by progressives, a mindset that cannot accomodate the diverse views that plainly exists between those who profess Islam, as to what is the substance of the faith, and as to what are the imperatives of the faith and what are not.

I’ve had discussions with SIS members on Islam and we disagree on more issues than those on which we share a common understanding. Yet, I still receive invites from SIS from time to time for study sessions or forums or discussions.That’s how things must be.

The ‘Ban SIS’ issue, though, is NOT what got me wondering if it isn’t time to deliver a reality check to PAS.

The Nonsense of Unity Talks with UMNO

It’s the nonsense of unity talks with UMNO that got me wondering if PAS needs a kick up its backside as a reminder that they are in a position to talk with UMNO now because enough people decided to take a chance with PAS the last GE because they wanted to kick out the very people that Hadi and gang are thinking of crawling into bed with and getting all luvvy-duvvy with.

Or do Hadi and gang think that the 83,000++ non-Muslim members of their Kelab Penyokong PAS would not desert them in the blink of an eye the first it becomes obvious to all and sundry that PAS is going to betray so many who took a leap of faith and voted PAS last GE, by now sleeping with the enemy of the rakyat?

I say ‘Hadi and gang’ because its obvious that not all in PAS are in favour of these unity talks.

I say ‘Hadi and gang’ because I still think there are some good folk in PAS who have their heads and hearts in the right place.

We all know who they are so names need not be mentioned.

It’s up to these good people in PAS, though, to PUT A STOP to this unity talk nonsense, failing which, we have to take it that maybe, just maybe, all of PAS needs a gentle reminder that if it was not for us voters giving them the seats in Parliament and the state assemblies and denying BN their 2/3 majority in Parliament and the state governments in 4 states, UMNO would not waste their time flirting with PAS now.

I’m just wondering whether Manek Urai is as good a place as any other to deliver that reality check.

Why PAS Should ALSO be Banned

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Apparently in Malaysia, no political assembly could be completed — and probably regarded as meaningful — without the usual mega important gimmick or resolution. Hence the unsheathing of the keris and the subsequent kissing of it during the Umno general assembly. That was the gimmick.

That was to be followed by the usual we-are-the-Malays-and-we-have-our-rights-and-don’t-challenge-us-or-else-we-would-run-amok rants. That was the resolution. After that, everybody had tea and curry puffs and went home.
Look at the recently concluded PAS muktamar.

The PAS assembly this year will be remembered for exactly two things.

  • No. It won’t be remembered for some blueprint on how the Malaysian economy would be brought out from the global economic doldrums or the likes.

  • Not for any grand plan for the promotion of Islam as a peaceful and total way of life too.
Rather it will be remembered for the “unity government” debate (this I suppose, is Hadi’s equivalent to Najib’s 1 Malaysia thingy) and the call for the banning of Sisters In Islam (this I think is PAS’s answer to the unofficial banning of black T-shirts and the act of holding candles by the Home Ministry).

Islamic Version of Universal Rights ?

PAS was asking that SIS should not be named as such because SIS is not very Islamic. The PAS Youth wing is reported by a Malaysiakini report to have said that SIS should be changed to Sisters in Malaysia if it wishes to pursue “universal rights which are subjective” and at the same time questioning Islamic principles as stated in the Quran and hadiths.

That of course begs the question.
  1. (Are) Islam’s concept of “universal rights” different from the “universal rights which are subjective”.

  2. Is there such a thing as universal rights which are subjective in the first place?
I mean, I had always thought that universal rights are rights which are universal to every human being, regardless of creed, breed or religion. And if Islam is to be accepted as God’s answer to a good life, how could Islam’s concept of universal rights be any different from the Christian’s concept of the same?

Zulkifli Noordin's Jihad in Parliament

Zulkifli Noordin of course had to join in on this issue. He is, after all — according to him — destined to defend Islam.

He said SIS is not very Islamic. Its officers don’t wear the “tudung” and are unmarried. And perhaps SIS should change its name to IWK — a pun of the name of the sewerage services company, quite obviously — which according to him stands for Ikatan Wanita Kosmopolitan.

Well Zul, why don’t you quit PKR and join PAS instead? And change your name to ICT, short for Irrelevant Little Twerp (I know, it does not run, but hell, just do it please).

Hypocrisy of PAS's Hadi Awang

PAS, as I understand it, stands for Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party).

In 1981, Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang, its current president, said this:

“My brothers, believe me. We oppose Umno not because its name is Umno, we oppose the Barisan Nasional not because its name is Barisan Nasional. We oppose them because they continue with the constitution of the colonial, continue with the regulations of the infidel, continue with the regulations of the ignorant. Because of that we struggle to fight them.

Believe me brothers, our struggle is a divine struggle (jihad). Our speech is jihad, our donation is jihad and because we struggle against these groups, if we die in our fights, our death is martyrdom, our death is an Islamic death. We do not have to join the Jews, we do not have to profess Christianity, we do not have to profess Hinduism, we do not have to profess Buddhism, but we will be infidels if we say politics is a quarter and religion is a quarter.”

And NOW he is propounding the concept of a unity government with Umno and the BN.

  • He even went against what Tuan Guru Nik Aziz say on that issue.

  • To him now, it is about the people being united. It is about saving the country. Saving the country from what?

  • And he claimed that PAS’s partners in the Pakatan Rakyat know about all these talks with the BN and Umno. PKR and DAP said they never knew about it. And yet he refused to let that issue go away.

  • He used to think, and preach, that Umno and the BN are the agents for the infidels. And anybody who struggles against them would die in a state of martyrdom.
Now PAS, under his leadership, wants to work with these very same people. That is NOT very Islamic.

Therefore, PAS should DROP the “Islam” from its name.

Oh, one more thing.

PAS had a pact with its PR partners. Now it is going against its PR partners by pursuing a unity government. That is a breach of trust. A breach of a partnership agreement too.That too is not very Islamic. In fact, it is not Islamic at all.

So please.

I hope JAIS or whatever will look into this matter.

I would echo Zulkifli Noordin’s call for the National Fatwa Council to have a “muzakarah” and demand an explanation from PAS about this.

If PAS is found to be unIslamic, perhaps it should NOT use the word “Islam” in its name. Or perhaps, PAS should be banned!

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Anonymous said...

I saw this coming the very day Pakatan Rakyat was formed. DAP and PAS = oil and water.Left wing secular democrats and right-wing religious theocrats had a marriage of convenience brokered by Anwar Ibrahim. I don't understand why people are surprised.

As for what will happen if unity government does take shape... I just hope we don't become another iran