Thursday 25 June 2009

PAS KEDAH is a Let-Down and a Disgrace to PAS and to Pakatan Rakyat

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Save Kedah before PAS Destroys the State

  • Fairus Hazli:

    I am a Malay in Kedah but the type of administration by Kedah under PAS really put us Malays in a difficult situation.

    We don't really need PAS with their EXTREME policies.

    Even the bumi quota which was increase from 30% to 50% is ‘killing’ the Malay contractors as there are now less housing projects in Kedah. That means less sub-contract jobs for us.

    I hope that this can be highlighted to Anwar Ibrahim who will request ask PKR to step in before PAS destroys the whole of Kedah.

  • James Wong:

    I am one of the non-Malays who voted for PAS in the last general election in 2008.

    Like everyone else, I was just frustrated with Umno’s style in BN. The vote for PAS is not because I like PAS, but was intended to teach BN a lesson. I remember PAS used the slogan ‘PAS for All’ and I was happy to hear that PAS, DAP and PKR formed Pakatan Rakyat.

    But after one and a half years, I realise that PAS has betrayed the non-Malays in Kedah and their team members of Pakatan Rakyat.

    Maybe it is the fault of DAP and PKR for not standing up against PAS’ racist policies such as the increase of bumi quota for housing to 50% and the recent pig slaughterhouse issue.

    The price of pork is increasing and PAS is making things worse. I agree with the above headline and the idea by Gerakan Youth leader Tan Keng Liang for PKR and DAP to work with BN.

    I still don't like Umno but now, I hate PAS. PAS is like an Umno in Pakatan Rakyat only worse. PAS is betraying the non-Malays in Kedah and treating us like fools with all their policies.

  • P Dev Anand Pillai:

    I am a frequent visitor to Alor Setar and I find that the town can do with some cleaning up.

    The PAS government has to be able to come up with solutions that the people of Kedah have been looking forward to all this while.

    One of the main things which they should learn is to attract investment into the state. If the PAS- led government is not able to do this, then they should be shown the door come the next general elections.

    One should take as a guide the short stint which the Pakatan government of Perak had before it was ousted ecause the PAS-DAP collaboration there worked well.

    They managed to reduce the state's debts and forged collaborations with interested foreign parties who wanted to invest if red tape and corruption could be reduced.

    Besides stressing on religion, PAS should start putting its efforts on building an economic think- tank that will be able to advise them on the economy when they govern states.

    Extreme policies and measures will ensure that the people will react by booting them out of office the next time around. The power of the vote is now more better valued.

  • Suresh:

    Pakatan Rakyat is going to lose in the next general election if PAS still controls Kedah.

    The Indians in Kedah get nothing and no assistance from the Kedah government.

    Even after Manikumar given a post of exco following his Bukit Selambau win, the Indian community is being left out.

    I salute Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang’s idea that PKR and DAP should work with BN.

    But PKR and DAP must be given a main role to play in the Kedah government.

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