Saturday 4 July 2009

UPDATE! Kedah Pig Abbatoir: KEDAH DAP Goes AGAINST DAP's Own PRINCIPLE of Good Governance

The DAP's sole representative in Kedah, Lee Guan Aik, today declared himself as an "independent and non-aligned" state assemblyman and no longer a government supporter.

The Kota Darul Aman assemblyman said he would also NOT support the Barisan Nasional (BN) although he was no longer a state government supporter. He said the central DAP was informed of the Kedah DAP's stand by letter two days ago.

Lee said the PAS leadership probably did not realise that the DAP had played a role in garnering the Chinese votes for the opposition coalition, including votes for PAS in the last general election. "We regret the treatment given the DAP because I have repeatedly met the menteri besar to ask that the Alor Setar Municipal Council postpone the demolition of the pig abattoir pending the state government's decision on approval for a new site for the abattoir," he said. Read here for more

Read here for more

Ever since the inception of DAP, the rule of law has been the main basis of DAP’s struggle.

We have heard time and time again, from one DAP generation of leaders to another, how “rule of law” must be upheld and cannot be undermine. In short, the rule of law has been one of the main reason for DAP’s existence.

In the case of DAP Kedah pulling out of Pakatan government, I find it hard to comprehend. Since the reason for their pulling out contradicts the very basis of DAP’s existence.

It is reported that DAP Kedah is angry with the closing down of a pig abattoir by the Alor Setar Municipal Council. As such, they have decided to leave Pakatan Rakyat government in Kedah because of the closing down.

The pig abattoir has been operating illegally (without license) for about 30 years under the noses of the previous Barisan Nasional government. Only God knows how much corruption was involved to allow an illegal factory to operate right under the noses of the Local and State Government unhitched.

With the new government, it is expected that PR put a stop to all corrupt practices and enforces the law to everyone without fear and favor. That includes the pig abattoir. The location of the disputed pig abattoir prohibits the local government from issuing a proper license. That is why the establishment has to operate illegally for the last 30 years.

Now, my question to Kedah DAP is, do they expect the current MB to forgo all written laws and procedures and allow the pig arbatoir to continue to operate illegally for it not to leave Pakatan government? If so, then what is the difference between Pakatan Rakyat government and that of the BN?

The current MB has given a one month grace period for Kedah DAP to locate to a new location. I think one month is more than enough to find a new location, of which, I assume the Kedah DAP didn’t use that time properly.

Lastly, I hope DAP HQ takes stern action against those who advocates flouting with rule of law be it from internal of DAP. This issue will seriously undermine DAP’s credibility and image if not handled properly.

Although, there is some truth to the claim that DAP is not respected by PAS in the PR government, but to choose this issue to blow up, destroys all credibility on the KEdah DAP to make the necessary changes.
- Tulang Besi


Abattoir Demolition is the Right Thing To Do

Read here for more in malaysiakini


I am not a member of any political party so it does not matter to me if this Kedah DAP assemblyperson quits his party or the Pakatan coalition (over) the recent threat to pull out from Pakatan over the issue of the demolishing of the polluting pig abattoir.

This DAP rep is just trying to exploit the abattoir issue and turn it into a racial one for his political agenda.

It is all about public health and environmental pollution. Poorly designed abattoirs without proper waste disposal and treatment plants pose a serious environmental and public health threat. Untreated discharge from abattoirs can contaminate the immediate environment and the waterways. Those who are dependent on the waterways (rivers and streams) for their agricultural and other daily activities are at risk.

Ideally, abattoirs of this nature should be located far away from the public and should be designed such that all waste generated is treated or incinerated before discharge into the environment.

I support the Kedah local council's action to demolish the pig abattoir which was situated in the midst of a residential area. I have nothing against pigs and, in fact, I enjoy a 'bah kut teh' dish very much.

The Kedah local council has made the right decision to direct the abattoir to be relocated. The public, especially the Chinese community, should view this positively.

If the DAP continues with this political strategy to stir up the Chinese community with its hidden political agenda it is only going create unnecessary racial tension in the country. DAP should realise that when it comes to public health and safety there can be no compromises.

The abattoir will have to be relocated.

I believe the Chinese community in Kedah understands the rationale for the local council's action.

Grow up DAP!

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