Friday 3 July 2009

Malaysians Fed Up with Pakatan Rakyat Circus. Time for PAS, PKR and DAP to End the FARCE and Go Their Separate Ways

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Time’s up, Pakatan Rakyat.

You either decide to get married OR go your separate ways.

Malaysians have grown weary of the soap opera which is being played out every week (or is it every other day) by different members of the opposition alliance.

Headlines such as
“DAP pulls out of Kedah state government”,

“Unity talks (with UMNO) irk PAS partners”
were once accepted as necessary growing pains of a nascent political coalition trying to find its footing post-Election 2008.

PAS, PKR and DAP Leadership a Big Let-Down to Voters of March 8, 2008 Election

(Malaysians had thought) that in time, Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS), Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) would check their egos at the door and cobble together a COMMON platform for a BETTER Malaysia.

Malaysians also wanted to know if the three political parties could reach common ground on their ideological positions.
  1. Sadly, instead of working out the details and putting in place the architecture for a stronger, and permanent, Pakatan Rakyat, leaders from PKR, PAS and DAP have been squandering away the goodwill earned 16 months ago with petty politics and gamesmanship.

  2. Sadly, instead of seizing a historic opportunity to show Malaysians that Pakatan Rakyat has medium- and long-term strategies for a better Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang have been more focused on a Band Aid approach.
PAS, PKR and DAP Over-Valuing Themselves for the Next General Election

PAS can always count on conservative Malays, DAP on the Chinese and educated non-Malays and PKR on urban Malays.

(But) this argument is like a slice of Swiss cheese: full of holes (because):
  • The bulk of the votes that flowed to the three parties on March 8, 2008 were the result of a rejection of Barisan Nasional and what the ruling coalition stood for.

  • It had LITTLE to do with what PKR, PAS and DAP had to offer the electorate INDIVIDUALLY.
So what Malaysians expected was a committed attempt by the leaders of the three political parties to sit down and put in place the structure and policies of an alternative political system built on social justice, inclusiveness, transparency, rule of law and equality.

That desire is still there: Because many Malaysians know that Umno/Barisan Nasional will NEVER be able to deliver on its promise of making Malaysia a better place.
  1. Despite improved public relations and moves to liberalise the economy, Umno/BN is still infested with corrupt politicians (young and old) who after having purchased their positions with money expect to recoup “their investments’’ during their political career.

  2. That is why the Port Klang Free Zone fiasco happened.

  3. That is why more than RM250 billion oil and gas revenue from Petronas to the government in the last five years have not had much of an impact on the ground.

  4. That is why “unemployed” Umno/BN politicians are able to wear RM200,000 Patek Phillipe watches, live in mansions and own a fleet of top-of-the-range vehicles.
Malaysians know of these excesses. And (they) are willing to give Pakatan Rakyat a chance at the ballot box.

What PAS, DAP and PKR Have to Do Now to Repair Voters' Confidence

PAS, DAP and PKR must SHOW that they are committed to Pakatan Rakyat.

As a first step, they should have a FORMAL mechanism like a COUNCIL to work out a common platform. This council of Pakatan Rakyat leaders should meet several times a month and provide input on policies as well as state the coalition’s stand on important issues such as places of worship and the New Economic Policy.

The council can also advance and promote a unified Pakatan Rakyat agenda to convince the public of its ability to govern at federal level.

Otherwise Breakup the Coalition

If PKR, DAP and PAS CANNOT agree on a permanent structure like a Pakatan Rakyat council or cannot put together a common platform, then perhaps it is time to end the courtship.(And then) inform Malaysians that you would like to stay friends.

But marriage (between PAS, PKR and DAP) is out of the question.


Anonymous said...

Well l agree with your posting to some extent. On the other side of the coin we need to remember that BN and its media is trying to blow up every issue no matter how trivial it may be to show to ppl that Pakatan is breaking up.

The Pakatan leaders must smart up now not to talk to MSM but instead meet up to resolve the issue internally.

Yap Chong Yee said...

The problem in Pakatan Rakyat lies with PAS because PAS is split into the Mullahs vs. the Erdogans. The Mullahs lead the Party taking the Presidency and the Deputy Presideny, and they are committed to a policy of entrenching the Superior Malay Race; while the Erdogans are a natural ally of the DAP & PKR, striving for a just, equal and full citizenship for all Malaysians.

The Mullahs on the other hand want to entrench Bumiputra policy & the policy of Ketuaan Melayu; this is therefore a very clear contradiction and one lives to the exclusion of the other. That said having a PAS partner that is neither here nor there makes for continous and prolonged falling out between partners. The only solution is for the DO OR DIE fight for survival between the Mullahs vs. the Erdogans until one or the other prevails. The side that wins will take the party to their natural ALLY. be it UMNO or Pakatan.

If Pakatan Rakyat are going to be the same as the BN then what is the point of fighting ? Why not take the suggestion made by LKY ? Why not take the Pakatan Rakyat into the fold of the BN ? To my thinking there cannot be any compromise between the Mullahs with the DAP & PKR. The Erdogans either go with Pakatan Rakyat, taking PAS into the Pakatan Rakyat camp or if the Mullahs win control of PAS, then Pakatan Rakyat makes more sense to join the Barisan National.

There is unfortunately only one position that Pakatan Rakyat can take either RETAIN THEIR ORIGINAL IDEOLOGY of a Malaysia that is EQUAL FOR ALL MALAYSIANS OR JOIN WITH THE BN; since Erdogans has lost control PAS to the Mullahs.