Wednesday 22 July 2009

Malaysia's Racist and Corrupt Tripartite: UMNO, POLICE and MACC

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"... Let me make this very clear. The recent action by the MACC, which resulted in the death of one young man, is targeted at the Chinese.

IF this is NOT racism then I am a virgin.

And I stand by my allegation with THIS piece by YB Teresa Kok...."

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- Raja Petra Kamarudin

"...Malaysia is a country that now has 1,535 cases of death in custody as part of its developmental record.

If that figure alone does not give us cause to pause and reflect on how far we have veered from the ideal set by the nation's founding fathers, then nothing will.
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- Dr. Farish Noor

"....I am honoured that Datuk Zaid Ibrahim invites me to join PKR, and to dissociate myself from a party (UMNO) which he now finds FASCIST and RACIST.

I am under no illusions that Umno is bound for destruction on its present course. Neither do I hold unrealistic expectations about the possibility of reform when the rot has gone so deep.

(UMNO) has become CORRUPT, this corruption has weakened it. As it grows weaker it is tempted more and more to fan RACIAL feeling and abuse public institutions to maintain power. This is a death spiral.

Our major public institutions and our political system have degenerated to the point that the public no longer trusts them. A democratic system of government CANNOT function BELOW a certain threshhold of public confidence. The suspicious death of Teoh Beng Hock under the custody of a watchdog body (macc) reporting directly to a prime minister may have pushed us below that threshhold.

We need the rakyat to rise up to claim their institutions, and DEMAND that our public institutions are answerable to them.

We must wake up to our sovereignty as citizens, reclaim the constitution which constitutes us as a nation and guarantees our rights, and demand a comprehensively reformed government to restore public confidence.

We must do this BEFORE it is too late...". Read here for more
-Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

UMNO/BN MP Gua Musang
/Former Finance Minister

About 60 members of the Ampang UMNO division today gathered in the city centre in support of MACC and the POLICE.

And t
he UMNO gathering did NOT have a police permit. NO ONE from the UMNO illegal gathering was arrested.

A similar gathering will take place later tonight at the Pandan Umno division office.

The protest was led by division chief Ismail Kijo at a car park next to the Ampang Point shopping complex in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Also present were members from the Umno divisions in Pandan and Gombak as well as several members of Barisan Nasional component parties of the Ampang division.

One banner read ' Ampang Umno has confidence in police, MACC'.

Ismail WARNED the opposition not to politicise the death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock at the MACC building in Shah Alam last Thursday and divert attention from the matter at hand.

"Don't exploit his death and don't evoke racial sentiments (because of) that," he WARNED , adding that if the opposition persisted, they would RETORT !!!

Police Tried to Absolve MACC Officers from Liability Read here for more

The police wanted to "absolve MACC officers from liability" in the death of Teoh Beng Hock, said a lawyer, after the political aide's family was interrogated by the police at Kajang police station today.

Most of the police questions focused on the possibility that Teoh's death could NOT have been caused by the MACC officers.

Lawyer, Eric Tan Pok Shyong said:
"For example, they asked about Teoh's characters, if he had complained about work before he died, and tried to make a connection with his work and the possibility that he may taken his own life as a result.

They also asked if Teoh was a smoker. I'm guessing the only reason they asked that was make an attempt establish that he may fallen accidently out of the window while smoking.

The family members answered all their questions and denied any possibility of suicide."

Lim said,
"The family members were mindful of the questions posed by the police who wanted to know if Teoh was depressed, suicidal or had financial problems.

The family have denied all this. Teoh was joyful and had no problems at work. Teoh had no financial issues, got along well with everyone and was preparing for his wedding.

He contacted no one immediately before the incident...because the fiancee, being the closest person to Teoh, said that she received no phone calls from him," he said.

The police had asked Teoh's fiancee one 'interesting question', whether he changed his shoes everyday.

They asked if Teoh owned many shoes and what size he wore...the fiancee said that Teoh had several pairs and seldom changed them unless they were damaged, but on that fateful day, he wore a new pair. "
This is in relation to the investigating officer's revelation that Teoh's shoes looked in shreds when his body was found.

Lim said the family welcomed the government's setting up of a royal commission of inquiry today to get to the bottom of Teoh's death. Family members are happy and they hope the inquiry will start soon.

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MACC Only Took Files on CHINESE State Assemblymen

Excerpts: Read here for more

The conduct of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in its investigations into alleged misuse of state allocations by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state lawmakers was again called in to question today.

Selangor executive councillor Teresa Kok, first raised the issue on July 13 when she asked why only Chinese state lawmakers from the Petaling district were being targeted in the MACC probe. The seven state lawmakers were Kok, Hannah Yeoh (Subang), Ean Yong Hian Wah (Sri Kembangan), Dr Cheah Wing Yin (Damansara Utama), Edward Lee (Bukit Gasing), Lau Weng San (Kampung Tuanku) and Elizabeth Wong (Bukit Lanjan).

Teresa Kok said today :
  1. On July 16 a New Straits Times report based on MACC sources indicated that the agency was also investigating five Malay PR lawmakers for alleged falsification of claims. The NST editorialised that this was contrary to claims made by Kok that only Chinese state lawmakers were being investigated.

  2. Her checks with the Petaling district officer revealed that ONLY the FILE of the seven CHINESE lawmakers were taken by a MACC investigating officer, on June 23.

  3. " The truth is NO files from other state assemblymen in the Petaling district, except the seven of us, were taken by the MACC,” adding that she was just stating a fact when she questioned the MACC conduct.
Her exco colleague Ronnie Liu said MACC NEUTRALITY in conducting its investigations is suspect.

To date MACC has NOT hauled up any BN state lawmakers for using their annual allocations amounting to RM500,000 in just two months in the run up to the March 8 general election last year.


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So what's new or surprising from the line of questioning form the Police? Just akin to insinuating a frightened rape victim she was responsible for her own mishap. If only they try out this with me. I simply love to take em on with their investigation or interrogation. I love challenges. I love the psychology of hard-line questioning. You see, the Police bully 95% of their victims, witnesses or suspects or whatever you may call them. They even arrest women lawyers at their own Station. I am looking forward to the day I can take them head-on.