Wednesday 15 July 2009

Manek Urai Result Means BAD News Still for UMNO/BN in a GENERAL Election

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Manek Urai's voting constituency is more than 99% Malays. PAS won by only 65 votes.Of the nine polling streams (saluran kecil), UMNO/BN won 5.

Malay Votes Split Equally

The by-election result meant the predominantly Malay voters are split right down in the middle. If it is extrapolated generally across the nation, it would mean that the entire Malays population is divided.

That also meant the ethnic Chinese and the Indians basically will decide the final swing of the votes.

Given the present mood of the non-Malay votes, especially the Chinese, against UMNO, it would mean that BN will lose badly if a general election is held

PAS Campaigns Against the Resources of FEDERAL GOVT, Not UMNO/BN

The BN or UMNO did NOT do the campaign.

The BN/UMNO candidate's campaign was actually conducted by the Federal Government.

Did UMNO/BN Own or Rent These Helicopters
used by Muhyddin Yassin?

Deputy Prime Minister' Muhyddin Yassin's Abuse of Tax Payers Money for Party Politics

Literally, the entire Cabinet and the ministries went down to campaign.

The GOVERNMENT (NOT UMNO/BN) even promised the people of MU a new bridge.

The media machinery of the government played a significant role. Racial sentiment and fear tactics was also strongly played by BN. They even had to resort seeking Lee Kuan Yew help in campaigning.

That shows the level of desperation in the BN camp.

Tax-Payers' Money Used for Buying Votes

The promised of the bridge, the gifts in the forms of bicycle, school bags and various other goodies for the poor came from the Welfare Department, which only surfaced during elections had their impact.

(Photos courtesy of Perisik Blog)

The sweetest deal being financial incentives that was provided by some friendly parties to UMNO.

Reports surfaces that people were being given between RM50 to RM300 for their support.

PAS Factional Squabbles

To a certain extent, PAS is equally responsible for their decreasing support.

Their internal bickering between the various factions and their splitting views of their Unity Government probably contributed to the decreasing margin.

BN/UMNO's Dilemma on the Promised Bridge

BN/UMNO lost. Here's the dilemma. Are they going to fulfill their promise of building a bridge?

Now the people in Manik Urai is split, does it mean that the Federal Government will built half a bridge or it will built a bridge and put a signage that says “Khas untuk pengundi BN sahaja”?

As for the name of this bridge, lets call it “Jambatan Pancing Undi”.

So, Tan Sri Muhyuddin, when do you plan to start building the half bridge?


From The Aisehman Blog
It’s decision time (for PAS) :
Either go the all the way with UMNO


Quit this destructive and scandalous affair altogether.

Maybe PAS should convene an emergency muktamar or something to that effect to settle THIS issue once and for all.

Whatever the decision, the party should not expect to come out smelling like roses after a romp in the cesspool.

Readers' Commentary:

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  • PAS members must make up their mind. Do they want to be the party that replaces UMNO or they are in politics just to be the second choice?

    If they say that they are here to replace UMNO then they have to do something about their leadership. The current PAS leadership is outdated in their thinking. They are still in the 1950’s mentality ( Melayu is islam and if a melayu party is in power,so does Islam). This mentality have to go and so does those leaders who has this ‘blur’ thinking.

    Frankly speaking I don’t want this type of politician governing Malaysia even though they are from PAS. We’ve had these type of leaders for 50 years and look what happen to Malaysia! Rakyat don’t want a party that still have a soft spot for UMNO!!! We want a party that will replace UMNO, period! No coorperation, no unity talk, no “dakwah” ( not until you have power then you can pursue your dakwah much, much better!) and no moronic mental faculty! If PAS can’t do this then we will get someone else! The MU people has given PAS a timely reminder. Better learn the lesson fast, PAS!!!!

  • The rationale of the (Manek Urai) people is if the PAS leadership still think it’s acceptable to cooperate with UMNO instead of replacing UMNO as the main malay/islam party then there’s no harm in voting UMNO/BN, is there?

    PAS "Unity Govt" fraction has given the message that PAS is not really trying wholeheartedly to replace UMNO. This attitude of the PAS leadership is not convincing anyone of their ability to govern Malaysia.

    Truthfully, there’s not a single malay/muslim who thinks Hj Hadi is PM material and that goes for the top PAS leadership ( can’t imagine any top PAS leaders becoming minister… no charisma, no forward thinking attitude but most importantly, they all lack the necessary intelligence… just like UMNO minister).

    So apart from TG Nik Aziz, has any of the PAS leadership showed their mettle in statesmanship and governance? So does it make sense to replace moron with moron? I don’t think so.

    PAS need to drastically change their top leadership…. It’s not enough just changing their policy and style of politic, without a strong, firm and pragmatic leadership to force the implementation all those changes are merely slogan and rhetoric. UMNO is the perfect example. So PAS members must really think hard.

  • Kelantanese never give in to threats especially from UMNO. Kelantan politics is a bit unique. Both PAS and UMNO were booted out when they crossed the line of fairness, sincerity and even playing field. The present turmoil in PAS is an early indication that its time is drawing near.

    Only Tok Guru Nik Aziz is holding PAS together right now.

    The other way to look at Manek Urai result is, they are very smart people,they wanted PAS all along yet they bind UMNO to their election promises. Now UMNO has to deliver at least the bridge because voters in the 2 areas (Manek Urai Lama and Manek Urai Baru) where a new bridge is to be constructed had voted UMNO.
    If UMNO renegades on this promise, sayonara lah!

    The next issue that UMNO need to address real quick is about Petronas Royalty.

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