Wednesday 29 July 2009

Updated ! The Sickening Bastards in the Malay Mainstream Newspaper Strike Again

UPDATE: 31st July 2009:

Kosmo! issued a front-page apology to Yasmin's family on 30 July.

But the damage to Yasmin's reputation has been irreversibly done.
The journalists in Utusan Malaysia and KOSMO should use their their God-given brains before writing their articles.,... and should read the Al-Quran more often for divine guidance against bad attitudes and behaviour.

And this is NOT the first time these journalists have shown bad attitudes and behaviour to fellow Malaysians.


Utusan Malaysia-owned Kosmo tabloid, headlined “Takdir Yasmin” about the celebrated movie-maker Yasmin Ahmad, who died last Saturday from a stroke, suggesting that "Yasmin had duped everyone and had attempted to hide who she really was.”

The article has touched off a storm of protest from her friends in the media and advertising industry.

The newspaper article chose to focus on how she should have been buried, and is being seen as a gross invasion of privacy as well as being highly insensitive to her family.

A letter has been drafted by former and current journalists protesting against Kosmo’s story.

The letter is addressed to Utusan chairman Tan Sri Hashim Makaruddin and a copy is expected to be sent to the Home Minister.

The Utusan-Malaysia-owned Kosmo article headlined “Takdir Yasmin” was described in the letter as “despicable, vile and cruel.”

The letter said,
" Yasmin’s family was grieving and at their most vulnerable. Yet your editor saw fit to run a story that showed utter disregard for the late Malaysian filmmaker, her family and the many Malaysians who still mourn her.

The front-page copy… suggesting that Yasmin had duped everyone and had attempted to hide who she really was. ”

Obviously, your editor has never encountered the loss of anyone dear, or a vicious attack on loved ones.

Yes, you carried tributes both in this story and others. But all these failed to mask the real intention of your paper and its editor, which was to defame and destroy Yasmin’s good name with salacious gossip.

If your only criterion is to sell newspapers, you achieved your goal. But if your objective is to practice ethical journalistic conduct and act with humanity, you have failed — miserably.”
The death of Yasmin, who was 51, has been widely mourned.

She was considered one of Malaysia’s most creative sparks, with her annual Petronas television advertisements never failing to touch the public.

Her prowess as a movie-maker came to light with the movie “Sepet” when she explored race relations and young love.

She was considered one of the few Malaysian movie-makers who was willing to tackle the subjects of race and religion with her movies and television commercials.

The subject of her movies frequently got her into confrontation with the censorship board.

The newspaper articles which have sparked protest chose, however, to focus on how she should have been buried, and are being seen as a gross invasion of privacy as well as being highly insensitive to her family.

campaign against the newspapers is a rare coming together of journalists and advertising agencies in an attempt to punish the newspapers, and is testament to the large number of friends who are still willing to stand up for her.

Utusan Malaysia should apologise over an article that appeared to suggest political aide Teoh Beng Hock, whose suspicious death has sparked public outrage, was aware of alleged misappropriation of funds by Selangor executive councillors, says Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San.

In the article “Selangor Oh Selangor 2: Apa ada dalam notebook Beng Hock” ( Selangor Oh Selangor 2: What was in Beng Hock’s notebook), the unnamed writer speculated that Teoh was nervous when his computer notebook was accessed by the interrogators.

Lau told reporters that the article was highly speculative and misleading because it suggested that Teoh was guilty of a crime.

I think they should withdraw the statement and offer an apology to the family of the late Teoh Beng Hock because it has implied that Beng Hock is guilty of something. I think the police should investigate whether the article is true or not. If it is not true then Utusan should take responsibility,” he said.

He also wants the writer of the newspaper lodge a report to help with the investigation into Teoh's death if he has exclusive information which could help the police.

Lau today lodged a police report here and confirmed that more reports against Utusan would be lodged soon in relation to other articles.
HERE FOR MORE article by Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

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