Monday 27 July 2009

Teoh Beng Hock was NOT Released at 3.45 am. He Died DURING MACC Custody Between 8.30 am - 9.30 am

Read here for more article by Raja Petra Kamarudin "Teoh Beng Hock was still under custody when he died " on Malaysia-Today

The crucial question is:
  1. Did Teoh Beng Hock die WHILE STILL under custody of MACC ?


  2. Had Teoh ALREADY been released when he met his death?
Malaysia-Today's investigation shows Teoh was STILL under custody at time of his death.

Teoh was NEVER released at 3.45am.

He was STILL under custody right up to the time of his death at around 8.30-9.30am.

The statement by MACC that he was released at 3.45am is "UTTER BULLSHIT "

Teoh’s hand phone was STILL with the MACC when he died. (The police had confirmed this).

If he had been released, MACC would either return his hand phone or give him a receipt confirming they are retaining his hand phone. None were found on his body.Teoh's Hand Phone

Teoh would NOT walk out of the MACC office at 3.45am WITHOUT his hand phone or at least a receipt that the MACC had confiscated his hand phone. He would need evidence (that MACC had kept his handphone). This is a requirement under the MACC Act (2009).

Teoh Beng Hock's handphone
was STILL with MACC when he met his death

  • His hand phone was STILL with the MACC. And the police confirmed this. And that hand phone is now with the police.

  • If Teoh had been released, his hand phone would have been in his pocket or beside his body (or on the sofa where he had slept). It would NOT have been in the ‘safekeeping’ of the MACC.

  • If the MACC had released Teoh at 3.45am but wanted to retain his hand phone then they would have had to issue a piece of paper listing down all Teoh’s property that was going to be retained for further investigation.

  • Assuming the MACC was going to retain Teoh’s hand phone then this paper would not only list down all the property to be retained but full details such as make, model, serial number, and so on.

  • If MACC find incriminating evidence in his hand phone and Teoh later denies that it is his hand phone, then MACC would need to prove that they had confiscated Teoh’s hand phone to be able to use this evidence in court.

  • And that would make the paper very crucial for both Teoh and the MACC. And both Teoh and the MACC would need to sign this paper (regarding the confiscation of the handphone) for it to be valid.

  • And the ABSENCE of that piece of paper required under Section 33 of the MACCA proves that Teoh died DURING MACC's custody and NOT AFTER he was released as claimed by MACC.


Even when under Internal Security Act (ISA) detention, the Special Branch is supposed to interrogate detainees DURING ‘office hours’. They are NOT allowed to interrogate detainees at night or outside ‘office hours’. And, in particular, detainees should NOT be subjected to marathon interrogation sessions or subjected to sleep depravation, a form of torture.

And these are ISA detainees, mind you, said to be ‘threats to national security’ and/or suspected ‘terrorists’. Yet there are certain rules to be observed.

What more if one is merely a witness to a suspected crime, NOT even established yet whether a crime had or had not been committed, as in the case of Teoh Beng Hock?


The MACC says that Teoh Beng Hock was released at 3.45am AFTER a gruelling marathon interrogation session that lasted the whole night. But Teoh was NOT under arrest or even a suspect in a crime, says the MACC. He was merely a witness, and a very cooperative witness on top of that, claims the MACC.

If Teoh was merely a witness, as what they say, WHY was there a need to interrogate him throughout the night? Could not his interrogation have been done during normal working hours?

In Teoh’s case he was subjected to a marathon interrogation session and OUTSIDE ‘office hours’ on top of that. He was subjected to sleep depravation. And he was not a detainee, he was not under arrest, and he was not a suspect in a crime, claims the MACC. He was merely a witness to a suspected crime, and a very cooperative witness too.

According MAC's statement:
  • After Teoh’s statement was recorded by MACC, he was released and allowed to go home at 3.45am.

  • Teoh was supposed to go home and come back at 8.00am with some documents that the MACC required.

  • Teoh was supposed to return at 8.00am for the interrogation to continue. And

  • But Teoh decided instead to sleep on the sofa at the MACC office.

  • At 6.00am he was alleged to have ‘disappeared’.

  • He NEVER returned at 8.00am for his interrogation to be continued.
And the MACC NEVER bothered to go look for their witness who had ‘absconded !! According to the pathologist, Teoh died between 8.30-9.30am.

But they never found his body UNTIL LUNCH TIME


The MACC ACT (2009) says:
Section 33(1):
…any movable property which is the subject matter of an offence or evidence relating to the offence shall be liable to seizure.

Section 33(2):
A list of all movable property seized pursuant to subsection (1) and of the places in which they are respectively found shall be prepared by the officer of the Commission affecting the seizure and signed by him.

Section 33(3):
A copy of the list referred to in subsection (2) shall be served on the owner of such property or on the person from whom the property was seized as soon as possible.

-Raja Petra Kamarudin


MACC death tragedy – "CSI" Technique Investigation


Dr. Raffick

Read for more on Rights2Write blog ( here ,here, ,here, here, here here and here) AND HERE on Zorro Unmasked

It was reported that Teoh Beng Hock (TBH) was supposedly to register his marriage on the 16th July 2009 at the registrar of marriage. He was already married (via traditional marriage ceremony) and his wife is pregnant. Is there a problem at home that is so gravely torturing that would force TBH to take his own life? My reading so far showed that there is no grave problem at the home front.

He was at MACC office between the 15th (500 pm) and the 16th July 2009 (600am). The MACC office is at Plaza Masalam. He drove to the building. How is that no one heard anything or sound of a screaming man between 600 am to 130pm when his body was found. Plaza Masalam is a busy area. The Concorde hotel is next door. Many government offices are in that building and surprisingly no one heard anything? This raises several questions?

The first, could it be that he did not fall between 600 am to 130 pm on 16th July 2007 but much earlier than that? In other words he could have died while he was in MACC office itself. No documented evidence so far to indicate that he was heard screaming, could it be that at the exact moment he “fell from height”, he was actually unconscious?

Dato Mohd Shukri Abdul claims that there was NO CCTV in the MACC office. This can be taken at face value.

However I have been to Plaza Masalam on several occasions visiting the Jabatan Ukur office which is located on the 17th floor. Based on my experience, I need to register at the guard post before entering the lift which is located on the 5th Floor (or 4th floor) and if I am not mistaken; the building management has a CCTV around the building? So far no one has come forward to explain about his official arrival and departure time based on evidence.

Based on pictures on the nut graph blog, it shows 3 ladies peeping out through the small window on one of the floor of Plaza Masalam. On closer look, we can appreciate that the window opening is rather small. It would NOT be easy for anyone to climb out via such a small opening.

The base of the window would be about 4 to 5 feet from the floor. It would not be easy for a small man like TBH to climb out unless he stands on something. The only other possibility is that he could have been lifted into the window. His small body could “scrape thorough” the window opening if push forcefully.

On Malaysiakini, there is a photo of TBH lying motionless on the roof of a building.

  1. Closer look at the pictures shows a few important clues. Among others, these include the dry blood from the body near the head area which seems to have drained towards where the policeman was standing.

    The Forensic team can make an estimate the time of death based on the body and the condition of the blood. The small volume of blood certainly draws suspicion on whether he had died before the fall or upon impact.

    If he was alive at the point of impact, there would be large volume of blood on the floor (provided that there is no intrathoracic or intraabdominal bleeding) oozing from the open wound.

  2. The second item of concern is that his body posture is lying on his right side. Why not face down? A man that is conscious at the time of his fall is most likely to fall on his face flat down or his back if he is being pushed through a window. If he had jumped I would expect that he would have ended leg first. The pictures are not conclusive enough to indicate any lower limb fractures. Post mortem would be able to shed some light.

  3. The third item being is his torn pants at the buttock area. Why is torn? It appears as if the pants were hooked to something at the time of fall and that is why it is torn in such a manner. A fall per se unlikely to cause this kind of damage on his clothing?

    Could it have been hooked on the window lock at the base of the window? Looking at those gruesome photos suggest that someone (or two) lifted his unconscious body and tried to push through the windows and this is when the pants could have hooked up on the window locked.

  4. The fourth item are the 3 pieces of bricks that lies to the side of TBH. It is not certain if the bricks were there coincidently or it is related to the incident. Are there such similar bricks in the MACC office being used as a base of a flower pots or for other purpose? This can only be answered by the police in their course of their investigations.
Without the floor plan of the MACC building and the location of the body, it is hard to determine the trajectory of the fall. The press has been quick to point to the fact that he had fell from the 14th floor. I am not sure on what basis they had come to this conclusion.

If he fell through one of the windows, there are bound to be tell-tale signs of signs at the windows and on the side of the building. The options on the possible causes of the incident are rather limited and suicide is the weakest possibility among all.

We have to wait for the outcome of the police investigations. Sadly, the public perception on the RMP is at the esteem low in 2009.

The public has already an expectation on the outcome of the incident and if the police cannot provide adequate evidence to support any of their theories, my gut feeling tells me that the people will not be satisfied and the police will continue to lose the confidence of the public. The image of the RMP will go down further.

The possibility of TBH died DURING interrogation CANNOT be ruled out. Based on the limited information, there are signs that suggest that he might have died during custody and his body was disposed via a fall.

More evidence will surface soon, I am confident that those that is involved will be caught and punished.


After the release of the first part of my investigative findings on TBH death, it appears that what I have been postulating so far seems to fall into place. With the trickling information from Selangor Police Chief and other readers, I believe we (me and my blog readers) would probably solve the first part of the mystery ahead of the police revelation.

I believe we are the first to postulate that TBH actually fell from height (possibly the MACC office) and first to highlight the relevancy of the torn pants on the motionless body and the possibility that the pants was caught in the window latch that leads it to a big tear.

Before moving forward, let us look at some of the confirm facts that we have established based on the information available online. Among others this includes:
a) The police has confirmed that based on CCTV recording, TBH went to MACC office at about 515pm on the 15th July 2009

b) There is no evidence on CCTV that he had actually left the building at anytime between the 15th and the 16th July 2009 until his body was discovered at 130pm by a “janitor”. This means that at no point in time that TBH had left the building.

c) Information on this janitor and how he/she found this body is still not clear. It is really intriguing to know what the janitor was doing at that hour where the body was found.

d) The police have confirmed that he fell through the window of the 14th floor (MACC office) and landed on the roof of the 5th floor podium.

e) They have confirmed that a piece of the window latch was found near the body and a matching broken latch was found in MACC office.

f) There is a contradicting statement by Dato’ Shukri Abdul with regards to the time TBH was questioned. The CCTV showed that he entered the building at 515pm. I assume it would take him at least 15 minutes to go up and get himself ready for questioning. I believe the questioning started at 530pm.

g) Dato Shukri also said that TBH was released after 345 am but he chose to stay behind. This is kind of unusual. The fact is that no one in a right frame of mind would want to stay in such a place after an intense interrogation. If indeed he was released then why is that MACC is holding on to his Hand phone? It appears that the officers at MACC has not been truthful.
In my theory, TBH died in the custody of MACC. This is NOT disputable as it is now confirmed that he “left the MACC office” via the 14th floor window.

The issue now is how was his condition when he left the building? Was he dead, unconscious or alive?

Dato Khalid says that based on Post Mortem, he died about 4-5 hours BEFORE he was found. I disagree on this conclusion because it would mean that he would have fall at about 8.30am to 9.30am.

If he had been alive someone would have heard him screaming. If he was dead and was thrown out of the window, someone would were bound to have seen it or heard a loud thud!

In my first write up, I suggested that the possibility is that he had died more than 6 hours based on the visual examination of the image of the body and the blood on the roof that was shown on the internet.

My theory is that he had died DURING the interrogation.
The IO panicked and hence made the quick plan. I suspect the body was thrown out of the window before 600am.

Though there is an eyewitness (Tan) that says that he saw TBH at the toilet (or pantry) at about 6am, I believe he had his timing wrong. He was interrogated through out the night and probably got himself confused. Personally apart from the MACC officers, I believe this eyewitness should be considered a suspect. Online news report indicates that Tan has refused to cooperate with the police.

I believe he had already died when he was squeezed and thrown out the window. Before 6.00 am it was still dark and the possibility that anyone saw anything at this hour is remote.

I suspect one man of reasonable strength carried TBH with his head on the right side of person. He then tried to squeeze TBH into the small window. His pants got caught in the latch and this tore his pants and the weight of his body actually broke the latch.

I believe that he had died prior of hitting the slab roof the 5th floor podium based on the limited amount of blood on the roof. If his was alive and his heart was pumping, then there would be a large amount of blood on the roof if he did not die instantly.

One reader commented about a big wound gash on TBH right hand. I could not appreciate this on the image that I saw on the internet despite enlarging with ms paint. The triangle red mark does not appear to be a wound to me. It is just too “perfectly triangle”. As such if there is an indication of any kind of struggle would not be conclusive.

So far the police investigation and our own assessment appears to be consistent i.e. he died during the custody of MACC and he exited the MACC building via the window of the 14th floor. I wonder what the room is used for where this particular window is located. The police has not come out with any statement whether he had died upon impact or way before it.


The conclusion of the last 2 days of internet research and photographic evaluation has led us to the following conclusion.
a) TBH died while he was in the MACC custody and it is quite certain that he had exited the MACC office via the window at the 14th floor. Chemistry department confirmation would merely be a formality.

b) The police has confirmed that TBH did NOT leave at 345 a.m. and TBH personal belongings like wallet, P1 hand phone and his backpack was still in the possession of MACC until it was given to the police 2 days later.

c) It was also reported that TBH died about 4-5 hours BEFORE he was found. I had disagree on this issue.

d) Another DAP member by the name of Tan mentioned that he met TBH at the Pantry (or toilet) at about 6 am in the morning on the 16th July 2009

e) NO definitive official statement has come out to indicate whether he had died BEFORE exiting the window or he died on impact.
I was kind of disturbed about the actual time TBH was last seen by Tan. I decided to place a few phone calls to establish the fact. From a reliable source that claims that has spoken to Tan personally, I was informed that Tan did NOT look at the time when he met TBH.

He asked TBH how the interrogation went through but TBH did not respond. He just made a humming sound which Tan could not make out its meaning.

TBH was reported to be in a somber mood. What does that mean, I am not too sure. I guess someone who do not have enough sleep and has been awake the whole night was place under a lot of pressure, must not be in a very good mood.

I tried to piece the time Tan met TBH and according to my source, when Tan left a short while later the sun was brightly coming up. He had estimated the time based the sun. I checked the time for sunrise in Shah Alam for the last few days. The sun is up at about 5.49 am.

Assuming that by the time Tan came out from the building, it was about 5.49-5.55 a.m., I estimate that Tan saw TBH at about 530am. This means that TBH was indeed alive at 530am. This is about 8 hours before he was found dead.

If we go by the police pathologist estimate that he died about 5 hours before he was found, that would mean it is about be about 830 a.m. I had estimated that the time of death to be at least 6 hours which would lead to about before 730 a.m.

Based on the information that I have described, it appears that Teoh died at about 600 a.m. At that time, in Shah Alam the sun is just coming up, children preparing to go to schools, guards would probably still snoozing and traffic volume on the road is small but building up slowly.

As I had theorized earlier, he died in the MACC office. His body was thrown out by one or maximum of two people out of the window to make it look like a suicide from the 9th floor but there is mounting evidence against suicide theory.

I believe the time of death has been narrowed down significantly. Now what we need to do is to established WHO was at the scene of the crime at the given time and date i.e. 600 a.m. on the 16 July 2009.

I believe that the MACC officers in Shah Alam knows about it.

I was informed a few minutes ago that actually Dato Mohd Shukri Abdul was not the head of MACC Shah Alam. He was the FORMER head and now is the Investigation Director at Putrajaya.

The Selangor MACC has no head past few months and the deputy was acting and taking instruction from Putrajaya.It appears that he had received a call that morning from MACC HQ instructing him to make a press release.

The text was NOT prepared by him. He was purely the messenger. It was reported that he had told DSAI that day when he went to MACC HQ for a fact finding mission. He claims that he is also not sure on what has transpired as he was only asked to give a press statement.

I would not be surprised if MACC officers are being posted in and out as this article is being written.

It is quite clear that MACC officers knew about the death. The HQ in Putrajaya was informed much earlier than 1. 30 p.m. and Dato Mohd Shukri was brought in to give his statements.

I search the internet to verify the time of the press conference was held but did not find anything. Can anyone help?

If we know the time of the press conference , we could work back words and estimate the movement of information between the MACC office in Shah Alam and its HQ in Putrajaya.

I am now more inclined to believe that the MACC officers in Shah Alam was trying to cover up the whole event. TBH died accidentally in the custody of MACC officers. They panicked and try to cover up by creating a suicide. Let see what Najib will say tomorrow about the Royal Commission.

There is still a big debate on where and when did TBH died. We know of the date which is on the 16th July 2009 but what is still a big question mark is time of death and where he died exactly.

I am sure many would be confuse on why I am saying this despite my earlier writings that the stage has been set. Allow me to explain.

It is quite certain that he died within the custody of MACC. It means that he could have died in the office of MACC PRIOR to exiting the window OR he was alive at the point of exiting the window in MACC office and died upon impact on the slab roof of the plaza.

Let us look at the facts.
  • The picture of TBH on the roof showed there was very little blood coming out from the head and there appears to be some wound on the buttock.

  • The misaligned right leg indicates that there is a fracture on the right leg, probably around the hip region.
If he had been alive upon exiting the window and died upon impact, I expect to see MORE blood on the roof. The blood would take about 15 to 30 minutes to clot properly and hence in that amount of time, the blood would ooze through any open wound profusely. This is very true especially there is an arterial bleed.

Since we do NOT SEE such huge amount of blood, it would either be there the open wound is rather small or the blood has already thickened and forming soft clots. From the pictures it is hard to imagine the size of wound but, it would be illogical to assume that there would be a small wound upon such an impact.

As pointed out a smart physics commentator, it is estimated that he fell at the speed of about 80km/hr. I expect TBH to have multiple big wounds AROUND THE HEAD.

Since the blood stain is SMALL , we have to go back to the fact that he died in the office BEFORE exiting the window. On the basis of estimating time, I expect that he would have died 30 minutes BEFORE exiting the window.

Once his heart stopped beating, his blood starts to thickened and coagulates.

I know some doctors would argue that the normal clotting time (CT) is about 5 min to 15 minutes. We must differentiate the lab CT which is based on the duration it takes for 4ml of blood in a test tube to coagulate. A lab experiment is different from a traumatic injury. It is on this basis that I suspect that he died in the MACC office.

Let us ASSUME that Teoh died around 6 am with a margin of 30 mins. This would mean that he would have exited the window at any point of time between 630 aOPEN but the shopping mall is still close.

Those who worked in the building would probably NOT notice anything due to the time.

Those in the car around the area would not see anything. If ever anyone would be able to see something, it would be the guests that stayed in Concorde Hotel in rooms facing the plaza.

At 700 am how many guest would be up and looking out their room towards the plaza? A very remote probability I would say. This means that the chances of finding an eyewitness outside the MACC office are very remote.

A commentator highlighted a writing in Malaysia Today where a reporter by the name of Rahmah Ghazali of Malaysiakini went to MACC office and found that the MACC wooden office door is closed between 1.15pm to 1. 50pm. This is an important clue.

I do NOT expect MACC office to close for lunch.
  • What was actually going on? How long before 1.50pm, the door was closed?

  • Rahmah first noted that it was close at 1. 15pm. WHY was it closed?

  • Is it a routine thing to see that it is close?
There is a need to establish whether this has anything to do with the TBH death.

. Surprisingly, if we refer back to what Dato Shukri said, they were alerted that a body was found at 130pm and later they realized that it was TBH.

Is this a pure coincidence? My gut feeling says NO!

I suspect that there is more to it?

If he had been alive upon exiting the window and died upon impact, I expect to see MORE blood on the roof. The blood would take about 15 to 30 minutes to clot properly and hence in that amount of time, the blood would ooze through any open wound profusely. This is very true especially there is an arterial bleed.

Someone commented in my blog that the body is located about 20 feet from the building wall and hence it is impossible for someone to be exit the window. Based on this argument as well as the posture of the body lying on the ground, some believed that the body was placed there. I beg to differ.

Firstly, I do not know how the reader came out with the figure of 20 feet. Based on the pictures on the internet, the wall cannot be seen. What is shown is the flower based, parapet wall which is located next to the body. The body lies on concrete slab which in one section there is a 3 feet x 3 feet imprint.

In some of the pictures on the internet, there were several bricks brought in by the police located next to the body. We all know the construction brick has a standard size of 4inch x 8 inch. Based on the size of the brick, I made my calculation and it is estimated that the furthest distance that can be seen from the parapet would be 9 feet.

I estimated the size of space next to the building wall is about 9-12 feet based on the photos shown below.

In my previous article, I theorized that either one or two person carried the late TBH whom had died for about 30 mins to the window. He carried the person with TBH on his right side and places it on the windows edge. As he pushed the body out the window, the latch got hooked to the pants at the centre of the trousers.

TBH weight and the action of trying to push the body down literally tore the pants towards the left pocket.

I wrote because my conscience tells me that what had happen is wrong. Today it happened to TBH. Tomorrow it can happen to us, our siblings and our kids.

It is my religious duty (Fardu Kifayah) to share and to find conclusion to this dark episode.

Coming back to my writings in part V, one of the commentators wrote that based on the image that I had put up, he could magnified the watch in the picture and tells the time. He came out with 4 possibilities. That got me thinking that there is a possibility that the watch would have stopped on impact which would tell us the time the body exited the window (not the time of death). I emailed him and ask him to send the magnified picture but I have yet to get it.

Well, I am not sure whether he has the pictures or otherwise but the technology is available where images can be magnified and sharpened (at least in the movies). There are 26 millions Malaysian. Maybe among these networks of people in the world of internet, someone could actually magnify and reproduce image of TBH in greater clarity for us to appreciate.

If someone can actually enlarge and readjust the resolution of the watch we would be able to determine the time accurately. This would be helpful. At the moment, the facts tell us that he died in custody of MACC. The MACC officers did not tell the truth that they have released him at 345am.

Our own postulation is that he died around 6 am and exited the 14th floor window within 20-30 minutes after his death.

Let us not waste time dwelling on the suicide theory as that has not been supported with reasonable evidence.

He had exited from MACC office via one of the windows. MACC is a government office. That means that there are people in the office at that time. Government offices are never left without people at all times. Even when they place people in a lockup there are officers guarding the lockup. Therefore it is not possible for TBH to be alone in the SELANGOR STATE HQ. MACC suppose to protect and interrogate witnesses and villains. If there is a death in their custody, irrespective of cause, they should be made accountable. This is not about ethnicity. This is about a human life.


A reader sent me the last photo (from kosmo) which I have enlarged and marked accordingly. From this angle, the wound in the buttock is clearer. The two legs appears fractured. The presence of a kerb that contribute to the direction of blood flow is also confirmed. There is visible signs that there is a hip fracture. The last piece of picture conclusively prove that his injuries are consistent with a fall from height.

Please note that

(a) There is NO watch on the left wrist

(b) Right shoe looks odd, as if the base came off the main shoe leaving behind the glue marks.

(c) The sole of the right shoe looks odd. It appears that the sole is split from the main shoe leaving behind glue marks on the main shoe.

Last night I received an email from an anonymous (Lets call him Mr. A ) claiming to be working with the mainstream media who said all MSM media will be running stories in the next few days that the wound on TBH base LEFT hand (the media will say wrist) will be played up as a sign of suicide.

My initial assessments without an image magnifier suggest that it could be some sort of a stain. With a magnifier, several important points could be highlighted. The first being, the location of the wound is NOT on the wrist but at the base of the RIGHT hand.

Secondly, the wound looks like a jagged wound and not a clean cut with blood dripping towards the center of the palm. It certainly looks like a deep laceration wound but then one thing that strikes me is that the amount of blood is MINIMAL .

For a DEEP laceration wound, one would expect large amount of blood and blood clot over the wound.

It was not there. Why?

This is indeed a tough question to answer and there are several possibilities that can explain the nature and severity of the wound.
  1. Firstly it could be that injury to the hand occurred after he died! Going by the nature of the wound on the right hand, it could have scraped a sharp object as he was being moved. Could it be that the sharp object is actually the retained portion of the broken window latch?

  2. The other explanation is that it is simply a superficial laceration and as such the bleeding is minimal. Whether it is a superficial (shallow) or a deep laceration, it is not a clean cut. It looks like it has scraped against a sharp object. It does not look like a cut on the wrist.
Certainly if someone wants to commit suicide he will not cut there. It is just far too far (distal) from the wrist line where the major blood vessels are located. The cut would be from a sharp object and it would be a clean cut.

If the person is RIGHT-handed the cut would be on the LEFT. I am not sure if TBH is right or left handed.

Some readers have postulated that the body was carried and placed at the site where the body was found.

Humbly, I beg to differ. There are just too many tell tale signs to suggest that he had a fall from height.

Some readers suggested that a metal piece that was lying on the ground is not a watch and suggested that it could be a part of the window. I disagree that it is part of the window based on the color of the material alone.

With the help of a magnifier, I had a chance to have a closer look at the brightly shining object. What I saw is a metallic chromed object which may look like a watch or a bracelet. There is another thing that I saw on the object which looks like an image of Charlie Chaplin. I had magnified it for the readers to judge. Now I am not exactly sure what it is but I still have a strong believe that it is a watch. I might be wrong.

At this stage, I believe suicide theory is definitely out.


Anonymous said...

1. That Teoh had been released at 3.45am is as good as a blatant lie coming out from MACC. No point elaborating further.
2. The version that he fell to his death is yet to be determined as a fact. We are not sure he did actually fall as many would believe at this time.
3. The pathologist was reported to have said Teoh's estimated time of death was between 8.30-9.30am. Given this as a scientific fact, we are not even sure WHERE was the actual place when he died. Meaning he could have died somewhere else within the MACC building and his body placed on the rooftop on the adjacent building before he was found.
4. His torn pants shown in the photo that was posted on the Net lead to unanswered questions. What do they infer and was there some struggle between him and unknown parties/assailants before his death? Surely a fall would not cause his pants to tear as it did under such normal circumstances?
5. It was reported he was senn asleep on the sofa by some MACC personnel at around 6.30am. This could be a false statement of fact and must be firmly established.
6. The secuity cameras did not show Teoh exiting from the MACC building entrance at any time prior to his body having been discovered at about 1.30pm.
More questions could be asked. Surely there are some big "LIAR, LIAR' out there to cover the true facts. And the explanantion coming forth from MACC at this time are hardly convincing. That speaks volume of the integrity of MACC as a credible Malaysian Institution.
So what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Lets use simple logic:

1. You drove to the "interrogation" centre.

2. You were "released" at 345 am after a gruelling session at the hands of the "nice" people.

3. Your H/P is still with them, supposedly "evidence"

4. You're dead tired, mentally & physically.

Do you:

A. Drive out in your own car, leave this horrible place & maybe sleep in the car somewhere AWAY from this horrible place.


B. You choose to sleep on the sofa, in the very same place where you were treated not so nicely by the "nice" gentleman

It's like a rape victim wanting to stay & sleep on the sofa in the very house where she was raped, rather than to run away, far far away, from the horrible scene.

Only an idiot would stay & asked to be "raped" (as an analogy) again the next day.

Anonymous said...

Truth will be revealed