Monday 15 September 2008

Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar's Explanation of the ISA Arrests is Hypocritical and Unbelievable

Press Statement by the Deputy IGP, Tan Sri Ismail Omar

Excerpts of the Press Statement: Read here for more

.... In recent weeks, there has been an escalation of racially insensitive, seditious and disparaging acts and remarks by individuals and organisations bringing about a state of unrest and religious tension in the country.

When the police decided to invoke the ISA, the decision was based on intelligence and observation that certain acts by the individuals concerned were detrimental to the calm, peace and harmony of the country.

These acts if not curtailed would cause public disorder and be a threat to national security. An arrest under the ISA is only made when the police strongly believes that certain acts by individual can pose a serious threat to public order and national security. ..."

- Tan Sri Ismail Omar, Deputy Inspector-General of Police
15th September 2008

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We Say,

WHY didn't the POLICE arrest Ahmad Ismail for his public racist outbursts, Khir Toyo for attempting to cause racial and religious discontent in the minds of Malaysians, and Editor-in-Chief of Utusan Malaysia who had published these false allegations on a Member of Parliament and a Senior Exco Member of the Selangor Government, couched with dangerous racial and religious connotation and insinuations?

And, for that matter, WHY wasn't arrest made on the writer of the article in Utusan Malaysia, senior editor Zaini Hassan of Utusan Malaysia, who had wrongly accused Teresa Kok on the "azan issue" which led to her arrest by the POLICE ?

WHY didn't the POLICE conduct a more professional investigation on the "Azan" issue BEFORE slapping the ISA on Teresa Kok who is, by all accounts, innocent of the allegations by Khir Toyo and Zaini Hassan of Utusan Malaysia?

And WHY wasn't a more competent investigation done by the POLICE before making a fool of themselves in arresting the Sin Chew Daily journalist, Ms Tan Hoon Cheng who was just doing her job reporting Ahmad Ismail's racist remarks?

WHAT national security damage has Raja Petra Kamarudin done besides doing his moral duty as a law-abiding citizen exposing the sickening politics, misdemeanors and corrupt practices of the UMNO-led BN Government?

Malaysians have the full right to DEMAND for answers to the above from the POLICE FORCE, being an institution PUBLICLY funded by, and therefore fully accountable to Malaysian TAXPAYERS, for the actions and performance of its personnel.

What it amounts to in the minds of Malaysians is that this whole scandalous affair of recent ISA arrests either reflects the total INCOMPETENCE of Malaysian POLICE FORCE when given the responsibility to investigate matters of public and national interest, OR simply that the POLICE FORCE is being subjugated to use its limited and valuable manpower and resources to engage in the partisan politics of the ruling political parties.

By the way, little Nurin's murderer(s) are yet to be caught. It is now more than 365 days since she was killed and the POLICE has nothing to offer to-date on little Nurin's murder.

If Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar is still not aware, Malaysians want to be reassured of their safety and security against criminals and serial killers, NOT against respected bloggers, journalists doing their job and opposition party politicians who speak their minds up.

The selective arrests by the POLICE of innocent citizens and allowing the more obvious provocateurs such as Ahmad Ismail and Khir Toyo to escape from the claws of the ISA, smack of POLICE bias.

Tan Sri Ismail Omar's press statement to justify the POLICE action to use the ISA is incredulous and for an average minded person, hard to swallow.

It is our view therefore that the explanation given by Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar for the above arrests is wishy-washy at best, and suspicious at worst.

We won't be wrong to say that Malaysians cannot be that stupid to buy the explanation for the ISA arrests as made in the press statement of the Deputy IGP.
-Malaysian Unplug


Illogical Statement By The Police

From The Aisehman Blog: Read here

"...Okay, so what did RPK and Teresa Kok do?

You know what? Even the police DON'T know.

God-in-heaven ridiculous, innit?

Think about it.

The police say that the decision to go ahead with the detentions “was based on intelligence and observation that certain acts by the individuals concerned were detrimental to the calm, peace and harmony of the country” and that “an arrest under the ISA is only made when the police strongly believes that certain acts by individual can pose a serious threat to public order and national security.”

In other words, RPK and Teresa Kok HAD committed “certain acts … detrimental to the calm, peace and harmony of the country”, and so they were detained, because police believe these very acts “pose a serious threat to public order and national security”.

Keep in mind — HAD committed.

But here comes the baffling part — the police then say that the purpose of the detentions was to give them “time to investigate further on their alleged involvement in acts that can be considered as prejudicial to the security of the country”.

Alleged involvement”?? All of a sudden, the previous certainty melts away into mere belief.

You said earlier that RPK and Teresa Kok were detained for acts they HAD committed; acts that were “detrimental to the calm, peace and harmony of the country”.

So HOW has this turned into “allegedly involved” after you detained them?

Did RPK and Teresa Kok commit those acts or did they not?

If they DID, and you arrested them under the ISA for those acts, where is the need then to investigate their “alleged involvement” in acts you say were the reason they were detained in the first place?

Do all of you see how ILLOGICAL the statement is?

Nampak, Tan Sri? Think about it.

This sounds too much like you’re making it up as you go along.

IF I MAY ASK, what EXACTLY did Teresa Kok do to merit the distinction of being detained under the ISA?

Did she question the use of louspeakers to broadcast the azan and/or religious ceramah?

Well, Tan Sri, she most certainly did NOT.

AND one more thing, Tan Sri.

You say that “in the interest of the nation’s peace and harmony, the police will act without fear or favour.

Then why have the police not arrested Khir Toyo and Ahmad Ismail?

- The Aisehman

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