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Racist Ahmad Ismail Got Away With Only a Slap on the Wrist

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Ahmad Ismail:Another UMNO-Mamak Creating Racial Animosity Between Malays and Non-Malays ?
"His grandparents migrated from INDIA"-Read here for more on LimKitSiang Blog


"Why should a Malaysian who is a second-generation locally born (mamak) in the country be so irresponsible, provocative and racist as to question the loyalty of a Malaysian Chinese like seventh locally-born generation Tan Siok Choo, daughter to Tun Tan Siew Sin? "- Lim Kit Siang (Read here for more)

Ms Tan Siok Choo wrote:

"And for some Malaysian Chinese like myself, to be called a ‘squat’ is an insult.

My forefathers came to Malacca in 1771. Even in August 1957, my family had been living in Malacca for 186 years.

How many other Malaysians can claim this long period of residence?"
Read here for more in The SUN

"MAMAK" a term (derived from a TAMIL word meaning UNCLE ) used in Malaysia to describe the Tamil Muslim community (WIKIPEDIA).

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Umno has suspended Bukit Bendera division chief Ahmad Ismail three years over his racist remarks about the Chinese.

Ahmad Ismail arrogantly said Abdullah Badawi was "brave" in making the decision to suspend his membership in the party.

Read here in Malaysiakini for more and here

We Say,

Ahmad Ismail's racist remarks are highly inflammatory by any standard. He had allowed his supporters to tear the photo of the Leader of a Component party of the Government.

It was apparent to every Malaysian that Ahmad Ismail had intended to create racial violence and hatred between Malays and Chinese.

The UMNO Supreme Council should have bitten the bullet to summarily SACK Ahmad Ismail from UMNO.

The UMNO Supreme Council, for all its macho outbursts in the past, suddenly lost its marbles to confront an obscure UMNO Divisional Chief from an Opposition state (Penang) who happens to use his loud mouth to spew racial filth.

To make matters worse, the Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, as the Government of the people, did NOT make any decision to call in the police to have Ahmad Ismail arrested and charged for racial incitement and being a danger to our hard-earned racial harmony, and to our national security.

The UMNO Supreme Council simply did NOT have the guts to confront racists within its own ranks.

The punishment it served on Ahmad Ismail is too politically convenient. National interest is only a secondary consideration.

UMNO Supreme Council has missed an opportunity to make Ahmad Ismail as an example to deter any racist, whether Malay, Chinese, Indian or others, from repeating such offensive acts.

Sadly, UMNO being a DOMINANT political party in Government has FAILED to show Malaysians and the rest of the world that it can govern the country FAIRLY, WITHOUT Fear or Favour.
-Malaysian Unplug

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Must Read Article: The REAL Reason Why BADAWI Doesn't Want to Take Action Against AHMAD ISMAIL

Posted: 8th September 2008


"... Why (is) the BN/Umno leadership so afraid to take action against Ahamd Ismail for his seditious remark?.

It appears that Ahmad Ismail is a big time Umno warlord in Penang.

Ahmad Ismail's Link to the Controversial Penang Outer Ring Road Project

Ahmad Ismail was cleared of bankruptcy by the Insolvency Department in 2006.

Ahmad Ismail is the figure linked to the controversial PORR project in Penang.

He is the director of Peninsular Metroworks Sdn. Bhd., the concessionaire for the project.

Ahmad is an influential Umno divisional leader and former Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon was beholden to him for support.

That was why Koh was powerless when Ahmad Ismail a mere Umno division leader could wield so much influence over him and accused him of not paying attention to the Malays in Penang.

The CM’s former constituency of Tanjong Bungah happens to be in the Bukit Bendera division.

It gets more interesting here.

PM Abdullah Badawi and UMNO's Business Connection with Ahmad Ismail

PM Abdullah Badawi was named as a director of Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang, who owns 34% of the PMW share via two wholly-owned companies, Kumpulan Pinang and Kumpulan Perhubungan.

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is linked to the Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR) project’s concessionaire company, Peninsular Metroworks Sdn. Bhd. (PMW).

According to corporate information obtained from the Companies Commission of Malaysia, Abdullah (I.C. No.391126-07-5077) was first appointed director of the Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang Sdn. Bhd.

Abdullah Badawi's name is still listed as a director.Yayasan Bumiputra now controls 34.78 percent of PMW through its two subsidiary companies; Kumpulan Pinang Holding Sdn. Bhd. and Kumpulan Perhubungan Sdn. Bhd.

This was a result of restructuring of the ownership equity in PMW. The shareholders areas follows:
  1. Kumpulan Pinang Holding Sdn. Bhd. (222310-D) 10,000 share

  2. Lingkaran Tanjung Sdn. Bhd. (676910-W) 340,000 share

  3. Setegap Berhad (107232-X) 12,750 share

  4. Kumpulan Perhubungan Sdn. Bhd. (60597-A) 1,190,000 share

  5. Nadi Senandung Sdn. Bhd. (381079-U) 1,897,250 share
Setegap Berhad is a construction company listed on Bursa Malaysia.Lingkaran Tanjung (formerly known as Jasminata Sdn. Bhd) was registered on 30.12.2004 and its registered address is at Suite 2.01, Tingkat 2, Wisma K.P.Loh, No 42 Jalan Besar, Kajang, Selangor. There is no information on the nature of its business and its financial standing. Sources said the directors are related to Datuk Ahmad Ismail.

Major shareholder, Nadi Senandung is principally controlled by Datuk Ahmad Ismail via a dormant company, Cedar Heights Sdn. Bhd. (267289-U). From the web of ownership structure and list of directors, it has confirmed DAP’s allegation that the PORR project is a classic example of Umno’s crony capitalism.

Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn Bhd, would be given not just the profitable toll collection for 30-years, but also properties belonging to Penangites amounting to 31 hectares of prime Penang State land (why?). It would also gained 202 hectares of reclaimed land off Gurney Drive. The value of the total package?

It’s approximately RM5 billion, not just the RM2 billion we’ve been led to believe.

Nadi group's power structure: Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail > Goh & Foo >> Loo or Chua.

If the PORR concession is awarded to PMWSB, Nadi which controls 54.5% of PMWSB will effectively control the Board and the PORR project. But Cedar's Board will make the decisions, because Cedar controls 85% of Nadi.

Cedar, in turn, is controlled by Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail (30%), City (29.3%), and Nagasari (20%).

Among these three Cedar shareholders, Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail holds the largest power because, if disagreement arises, he only has to forge an alliance or agreement with either one of City or Nagasari to exceed 50% voting rights (To be precise, In the case of an alliance with Nagasari he will need another two shares).

In contrast, if either of City or Nagasari disagrees with him, each will need two other alliances, including one major shareholder, to reach 50% voting rights.

Between the last two, City is far more powerful than Nagasari, because of its 29.3% vs Nagasari's 20%, but also because the latter's shareholders are split into two equal-weight of 47.5% (Loo and Chua), while City is owned by Goh and Foo of the same address, which is assumed to mean close relations or associates who would be expected to vote together. City's two major shareholders are also directors at Cedar.

It doesn't matter that the total attributable stake to Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail (13.9%) is smaller than to Goh Choon Aun and Foo Quin Yar (together 21.2%), or Setegap's 25.5%, or KPHSB's 20%.

Simply because Cedar will dominate the Board of Nadi, which will dominate the Board of PMWSB, those who dominate Cedar will hold sway.

The State and Federal civil servants will have to answer the questions:

(1)How do you expect 20%-shareholder KPHSB to play a more useful role in the
financially much more demanding PORR project and Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn Bhd, considering KPHSB's apparent inability to contribute to Jelutong Expressway?

(2)And if there is a high risk that Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn Bhd will not be adequately supported by its financially weak shareholders, why should PMWSB be awarded the PORR concession, particularly without an open, competitive bidding process?

That's the reason why PM Badawi, Najib and the rest of the BN/Umno leadership are just giving Ahmad Ismail a slap on the wrist over this seditious remark.

Don't be surprised if Liow Tiong Lai, Ong Ka Ting, Ong Ka Chuan Ng Yen Yen, Chor Chee Heung, Koh Tsu Koon, Chia Kwang Chye et al will come and say to the Chinese community to accept Najib's and Umno's apology while heaping praises on the Umno leadership for their 'courage' in apologizing.

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