Sunday 21 September 2008

Penang UMNO ( United Mamak National Organisation) Accused Anwar of Causing National Instability

Penang UMNO-Mamaks Against Anwar

As one blogger had asked:
Has UMNO morphed into a United Mamak National Organisation ?

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A group calling themselves "Concerned Citizens" from Penang have lodge a police report accusing Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim causing political instability in the country.

From the Malaysiakini photo grab above you can tell the group appears to be Indian Muslim in origin. This is a typical signature of Penang Umno. (Note: The UMNO-racist Ahmad Ismail, a mamak himself, who called Chinese Malaysians as "squatters" is from Penang.)

(It would appear) Umno (has become) basically a party of Indian Muslims who are Malay wannabes.Read here for more.

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This anti-Chinese UMNO-racist person -Ahmad Ismail (see photo) who the police and Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar refused to arrest and charge for inciting racial hatred of the Malays against the Chinese, is a pseudo-Malay hiding his Indian ancestry by being an ultra-racist Malay champion.

When the racist Ahmad Ismail made the seditious remark that Chinese Malaysians should not imitate the Jews, he should remember that one of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi grandparents is of Chinese ancestry from Hainan Island; the wife of Datuk Shahrir Samad is a Chinese; Mahathir's son, Mirzan is married to a Chinese (ie to an Indonesian Chinese tycoon family of Liem Sioe Liong) and Tengku Razaleigh married his long-time Chinese friend who converted and changed her name to Noor Abdullah.

Some of the "mamak" opportunists in UMNO disgrace other decent Indian Muslims by their uncouth behaviour and racist attitudes after they join UMNO. To achieve their greed for political influence and power, they played negative race-based politics to prove themselves to be more Malay than the more fair-minded ethnic Malays in UMNO.

For some unknown reason, the graciousness of the ethnic Malay culture of "sopan santun" that had traditionally been the hallmark of UMNO's core political outlook before and immediately after Merdeka was surreptitiously hijacked by the "sikap kurang ajar" of some of the undesirable "mamaks" in UMNO, who had come primarily from Penang ( and Kedah).

One wonders how the majority ethnic Malays had allowed some of these uncouth "mamaks" and other pseudo-Malays to rise in the UMNO hierarchy to peddle their negative influences and hijack UMNO's relationship with other races?

Many of the UMNO-'mamak' opportunists are fond of wearing the "baju Melayu" in public as a cosmetic lie and a mirage that they are purer Malay than the ethnic Malays. So much so, some of these unscrupulous UMNO-mamaks put themselves at the fore-front of Malay politics to cheer-lead and champion UMNO's bankrupt idea of "Ketuanan Melayu".

(Ahmad Ismail, the highly dangerous anti-Chinese UMNO Mamak)

Dr. Mahathir still at mouthing frequently racial polemics even
after he had retired from UMNO politics

Former Information Ministers Zainuddin Maidin (left) and Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir

Reezal Naina Merican -Political Secretary to Abdullah Badawi
-The behind-the-scene UMNO trouble maker, including responsible for
GPMS organising the Bar Council Forum Protest and sacking of Sanusi Junid from
Universiti Islam Antarabangsa

Abdul Azeez Rahim (President UMNO Putra)
The man who wants to legitimise the thuggery of the Mat Rempits

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