Monday 29 September 2008

Donald Lim Siang Chai Should be Rejected as MCA Deputy President for Playing the Race Card to Create Racial Fear Among the Chinese

MCA vice-president Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai announced that he would contest the party deputy presidency at the MCA election on Oct 18.

Donald Lim Siang Chai said:
"I am already a vice-president, so it is only natural that I contest a higher position and I have decided on deputy president."

Donald Lim Siang Chai was rejected by voters when he failed to retain the Petaling Jaya Selatan parliamentary constituency in the March 8 general election. Read here for more.

Donald Lim Siang Chai was quoted as saying if Chinese Malaysians vote the Opposition, it will create a tense enviroment that will affect business and the economy and will result in the government being ruled only by Malays.

Such statement from a Chinese leader offends the sensibilities of ordinary Chinese and Malays. It is without doubt aimed at creating communal insecurity among Chinese Malaysians . It is racist in intent.

Donald Lim is playing gutter racial politics, no different from those ultra-Malays in UMNO.(Read here for more)

Malaysia cannot afford to have any Chinese leader in a political party in a ruling coalition government who still espouses racially-biased views despite the fact that voters across all races after March 8 election have rejected race-based politics of UMNO, MCA and MIC.

It is time that MCA grassroot members show the necessary courage to move MCA FORWARD for the sake of their future generations after MCA's dismal performace in March 8 Election. For MCA leaders to continue to play the race card and harp on racial issues will only lead to MCA into political wilderness, worse still, into oblivion. To move forward, MCA grassroots should start dusting off leaders from the MCA hierarchy who were already rejected by voters, especially those who still play the race-card to win support. Donald Lim Siang Chai is one such person.

Donald Lim Siang Chai , despite being an incumbent MP and former Deputy Tourism Minister, was rejected by the predominantly Chinese voters in Petaling Jaya Selatan seat. And that should be a clear message to MCA grassroots that his racially-based politics is totally out of step with majority of voters desiring a new Malaysia.

Likewise, the MCA membership should reject Donald Lim Siang Chai as Deputy President of MCA, for two reasons: firstly for playing the race card and secondly, voters in his constituency did NOT want him to re-enter Parliament in the March 2008 election.

Donald Lim Siang Chai belongs to the backward-looking old school of racially-biased MCA politicians very much favoured by UMNO, so much so that a vote for MCA by Chinese Malaysians in any election becomes a vote for UMNO.


Anonymous said...

Put the Soh Chai under ISA.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...


UMNO Racist...

MCA Racist...

MIC Racist...

When will all these Morons' Organizations start thinking straight like normal human beings.

Malaysia already being headed by the dumbness and daftest prime minister, with Donald Lim Sor Chai being MCA Racist leader, will Malaysian politics ever grow...???

Ka Ting & Ka Chuan are crazy for Powers thinking the Chinese are as much as daft and dumbs as they are...

MCA should consider thinking Globally and abandon the Moronic Coalition, becoming Independent or Partnering into Pakatan Rakyat.

Even China goes Global to outsmart Australia; these MCA MANGKOKS just never learnt!

At least Soi Lek knows how to be a Party Man.

Anonymous said...

The only reason for him to dissuade chinese from voting for opposition is that scums like him will be sidelined and forfeited of opportunities to enrich themselves. Does he really care about the welfare of the people? If he is so magnanimous, how come we do not see any charitable work from him helping the people and making this country a better place now? Can only do that if he holds a top post? Go eat shit and die! I trust Donald Duck more than this piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

所有马来西亚马华公会的会 员,
我们叶金福律师马华公会鹅麦主席及叶君汉马华马青党主席鹅麦呼吁所有马华党成员在十二月的选举支持Donald Lim Siang Chai,因为他是老党员,有道德,经验丰富。

不要支持Dr Wee Ka Siong,因为他年轻,经验不足,甚至道德有问题
Kepada seluruh Ahli-ahli MCA Malaysia,
Kami Yip Kum fook lawyer Ketua MCA Gombak dan Yip Jiun Hann MCA pemuda MCA Gombak menyeru semua Ahli-ahli MCA pada pilihan MCA Disember ini sokong lah Saudara Donald Lim Siang Chai bertanding Naib Pengurusi MCA kerana beliau Ahli lama, bermoral dan berpengalaman.

Jangan pecah tiket kepada Saudara Dr Wee Ka Siong, kerana beliau muda, kurang pengalaman dan moral pun ada masalah